Pulpit Rock

When designer Rune Bruvik was growing up, he had no idea how special his «backyard» really was.

Like kids everywhere, with nothing to compare his childhood surroundings to, he simply accepted them as normal. Later in life, off course, he realized that not everyone has a vertical cliff rising 604 meters straight up from a narrow fjord in immediate proximity to their home.

Pulpit Rock in Lysefjorden is a limited edition natural phenomenon, with the limit being one. There really is no place like it anywhere else, which is why it is world famous. And now it’s also the inspiration behind a world class limited edition timepiece.

Pulpit Rock Lysefjorden

Pulpit Rock rises 604 meters above Lysefjorden

Every year tourists from all over the world visit the spectacular mountain formation just north of Stavanger, and seemingly every year some distinguished publication sing its praises to an international audience.

Pulpit Rock gets its fair share of publicity already, but Bruvik wanted to add to it’s fame by using his own means of communication and artistic expression. He wanted to help spread the good word, as one does from a pulpit.

Hence the limited edition Pulpit Rock watch – Rune Bruvik’s most personal timepiece to date. It’s been years in the making, you might even say that Pulpit Rock and the surrounding mountain range has inspired not only the entire current Bruvik range, but every sketch throughout his professional career. Growing up in such an inspiring environment, surrounded by natural beauty around every corner, makes a permanent impression on a person’s creativity and visual preferences. This watch is the culmination of many years of experience designing watches, and even more years of experiencing Pulpit Rock.

The watch, like the rock, is edgy, rugged and massive.

The watch, like the rock, is edgy, rugged and massive. With sharp angles and tonneau shaped casing, the design directly reflects the imposing figure that Pulpit Rock cuts in the Lysefjorden landscape. Nature gave Pulpit Rock an easily recognizable form with lots of little details and a complicated structure. Rune Bruvik gave the Pulpit Rock watch the same thing. Recreating natural elements in industrial design is arguably the main theme of Bruvik’s career, and this latest model is certainly no exception.

The watch includes a brushed steel surface, swiss made automatic chronograph movement and a curved sapphire crystal. On the back, Bruvik has fitted the watch with a customized rotor showing a silhouette of the pulpit rock – one of many small details connecting the watch to the mountain from which it gets it’s name.

And just like Pulpit Rock itself,
the watch is a limited edition.

604 Pulpit Rock watches will go into production – one watch for every meter that a young Rune Bruvik lying on his stomach on top of Pulpit Rock, only his head sticking out over the edge, would watch the pebbles he threw fall before they disappeared into the fjord.