Curved tonneau shaped steel watch case with dome sapphire crystal and unique facets around top part of the watch. 100 meters water resistant with screw lock down crown. Driven by a Swiss Made automatic chronograph, with 42 hours power reserve. Transparent sapphire crystal caseback with the view of a special designed rotor and elevated finish of the movement.

  • Case
  • Case diameter
  • Case material
    Brushed steel
  • Water resistant
  • Crystal
    Sapphire crystal
  • Movement
  • REC. Retail price
    32 000 NOK
  • Product number
    12 Limited edition
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Unlimited by nature, limited edition timepiece

The Pulpit Rock towers over Lysefjorden at 604 meters height. This is why there will only be 604 pieces manufactured of this limited edition timepiece.



World class rubber strap

The rubber strap is made from genuine Italian rubber material. Provided by one of the world’s top leading rubber strap manufacturers.  Pulpit Rock is engraved in the strap and the strap itself is infused with a vanilla scent.

Multi-angled construction

Inspired by the shape of the Pulpit Rock, a landmark in the Norwegian nature. Repetitive angled facets surrounding the bucket-shaped and dome raised sapphire crystal with a double anti-reflective coating. This unique shape reflects the beauty of the stone cliff made by nature over thousands of years.



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Water is the hallmark of our planet, so essential for life that it’s the very first thing we look for when exploring other planets, other worlds.


After visiting the arctic archipelago of Svalbard, designer Rune Bruvik knew that the islands would someday inspire a range of watches.

Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean watches are inspired by the Norwegian explorers of yesteryear, particularly by one of the greatest of them all, mr. Fridtjof Nansen.

Pulpit Rock

When designer Rune Bruvik was growing up, he had no idea how special his «backyard» really was.